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Reason You Should Stop Using Devotional Materials

Devotional materials could be a great help to Christians who wish to grow but at the same times, it could be a snare that will trap believers in stunted growth and shallow relationship with God.

We live in a generation where people no longer search the scripture hence, the lack of depth and revelation common in Christiandom today.

As believers, what should be our attitude to the use of devotional materials?

1. It must never be a substitute to the Bible. This is the most important part and where lots of Christians fail today. The Bible is the Bible, there is nothing like it and there is nothing that can substitute it. A Christian who depends on devotional materials to know and understand the Bible will lack depth and if care is not taken, be fed wrong doctrines.

2. Secondly, use devotional materials with discernment. Don’t take all you read in books hook line and sinker. Like the Berean Christians, search the scripture yourself to confirm what you read is the truth.

As food is important to the physical body, so is the bible study to the spirit, hence, there is a need to be careful of what we feed on.

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