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Link Between Ancestral Names and Ancestral Curses Explained

Are you worried your name may have an impact on your success and prosperity? Then read this exposition.

In the last few decades, Africans have been busy changing their names in droves. They were under the impression that their surnames were responsible for their woes in life. This happened following a wave of certain teachings in Pentecostal circles that demonized our fathers’ names and made us think that as long as we answered such names which were directly or remotely linked with an ancient pagan civilization of those days, even the name of Jesus is powerless to save us.

We make a long list of all the possible evils our ancestors have committed and put them forth as reasons why we are in deep troubles. We blame our ancestors for our poverty and diseases. We blame them for lack of personal and collective development as a people and a nation.

Dear Africans, please let your ancestors rest in peace. Quit spending your time and resources on breaking generational curses in prayer meetings instead of making choices capable of producing positive generational impacts. Much of what we misconstrue for generational curses are, in fact, bad generational choices.

Have you also noticed that once people get into the religion of breaking generational curses, they never stop? They will continue all their lifetime until the light of the truth is shed in their hearts. Much of what is called generational curses is leverage for false religious motions. Family deliverance is a religious motion that keeps some false prophets relevant in your life. The day you know the truth is the day you will sack them.

Stop changing your names. Start changing your attitudes and choices and see the trajectory of what is popularly touted as generational curses change for the better. For instance, before you admit that divorce runs in your family, check out the generational attitudes of your family members and see how they possibly influence separation from their spouses.

I laugh whenever I hear people say things like the Badagry area of Lagos is poorly developed because it served as a portal for the slave trade back in the days and many locals were aiding and abetting. What I would like to know from the proponents is how the Europeans, who came to hurt their feet and hands with chains, took their human rights away from them and subjected them to decades of slavery, are not paying for such actions by way of underdevelopment? Why would God spare the villains but punish the victims with lack of development?

In the Holocaust orchestrated in 1945 by the Nazis, an estimated 6 million Jews were killed and the Germans of today are not blaming whatever challenges they have today on the actions of their ancestors. Dear Africans, how many millions did your own ancestors kill? Please let your ancestors be and start taking responsibility.

Friends, a change of name changes nothing if there’s no corresponding change in attitude and choices. I’d rather pray and trust God for a change of attitude than pursue a change of name. If you notice a pattern in your bloodline, by all means, pray about it. However, don’t fail to ask for help as to what to do. What you do, not a change of name will ultimately be the game-changer.

A man named Jabez, who was given a bad name by his own mother, prayed for a change in his life and God did not ask him to go change his given name. His life did change remarkably without a change in his name. In fact, there was a territory named after him in ancient Israel. Same name, Jabez!

Friends, never forget, change your attitude, not your name. Let’s stop pushing the theology of “what is in a name”  above Christ. You already have been given a name that is above every other name. At His name, every knee bows.

It is a new day!

NINYO OMIDIJI is a teacher of God’s Word. To connect with him, CLICK HERE



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