There is a grace that can come upon a man that does something to his perception, the grace that can cause the eye of men to open. There is a grace that cast images upon the mind, cause men to come into the comprehension of spiritual illumination.
There are ails that cover the mind of men from seeing what god want them to see, that is the things of the spirit. The enemy cast ails upon men so as not to make them see what they should see.
There is a reason why men do not rise, there is a reason why men do not progress, there is a reason why men do not host the manifestation of God’s glory. The events and circumstances of men are explainable. There are principles and predefined formula that has been laid down for anyone who is will to achieve certain results to follow.
In this sermon, Apostle Joshua Selman teaches about the principles and dimensions that are responsible to get results in the spirit realm. Use the download button to download
Title: The Next Dimension
– Apostle Joshua Selman
Part 1: Size: 16Mb
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