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Bishop TD Jakes Refuse to Open Church Despite Trump’s Permission

Presiding Bishop of the Potter’s House, Bishop TD Jakes has said The Potter’s House in Dallas and it’s affiliated campuses will not be opened despite the announcement by President Donald Trump which permits religious gathering to resume.

After a survey carried out by the church, where 79% of participants said they are not comfortable with physical gatherings, Bishop Jakes has said the ministry will continue to hold out on physical fellowship till it is safe to reopen.

Bishop TD Jakes Refuse to Open Church Despite Trump's Permission

Bishop TD Jakes said the decision was taken out of love for the members and concern for safety and health.

He added that several churches who had disregarded the CDC guidelines have witness outbreak which led to a community transmission leading to death.

He said, “As you know, the death toll from the coronavirus continues to rise steadily and is approaching the 100,000 marks nationally. Many communities are also reporting an increase in the number of hospitalizations and infections. Public health officials are recommending that the current precautionary measures remain in place.⁣

“We take this recommendation very seriously.⁣

“For this reason, we are delaying the re-opening of The Potter’s House of Dallas and its affiliated campuses. We make this decision out of love for you and out of concern for your safety and health. ⁣

“Several churches who have disregarded CDC guidelines have experienced outbreaks in the churches and thereby the community, resulting in deaths and suffering. In an overabundance of caution, I’m going to delay reopening until we can resume effectively and safely. For me this decision to open our church isn’t predicated on a particular date, but rather a long-awaited state of perpetual decline. As African Americans, Latinos, older people, individuals with pre-existing health maladies, and others are at high risk, we cannot afford to move as quickly as other populations whose death rates aren’t as disproportionately high as ours. ⁣

“Your well-being is our priority. And though we are literally anguished by the separation, it seems prudent to watch the trends awhile longer before making a rash decision that could compromise your health and those you love!⁣

“In the meantime, we will continue to hold church services online and to remain connected with you by telephone, email, social media, and our myriad of outreach services.


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