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Apostle Selman Explains the Difference Between Devil, Satan and Lucifer

Have you ever wondered if there are differences between the appellations Lucifer, Satan and Devil? Apostle Selman, in this piece, explains the differences from the Biblical point of view. Read below.

Let me tell you something that will interest you, I hope you know that there are certain knowledge that God does not want man to know, that’s the knowledge that Adam did not know. I hope you know Lucifer was created and his place of habitation was Eden. In Ezekiel 28, it was a prophetic word about the king of Tyre, that was Satan. Satan was the earthly ruler before Adam, it was the judgment of Satan that led to the fall of Genesis 1v2, and the earth was dark, void and formless. Do you know why? Because I’ll show you that the earth was designed to be suspended on waters. God was speaking to Job in Job38, and God said, “hold on Job, where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation.” So the earth is not suspended in the air as Science claimed, the earth has foundation.

Ezekiel28v13 reveals that Satan has been in Eden, the garden of God, every precious stones adorned him. Can you see that Satan knows where gold is, he knows where silver is, that’s why he can enrich any man that fraternize with him. Let me tell you something, Satan and Demons have the advantage of experience; they’ve been here on earth for a long time. In the book of Revelation, he’s called that Old Serpent. There was a day Satan was created, he was not created as Satan, he was created as Lucifer. That means there was a story before Genesis chapter one. It was that story that was enshrined in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. In Eden, you don’t eat to fill hunger; you eat to get understanding and impartation. The judgment of Lucifer after his rebellion was what led to Genesis 1v2, and then what you see in Genesis 1v3 was the recreation, when God said, light return as you were, and there was light and there was creation again.

Listen, the creation in Genesis 1, there was a creation before then. In Job38, you will see how the first creation before was made compared to what took place in Genesis 1, and you will see how flawed Science is. Do you know that the name Satan and the name Devil is not Lucifer name? Are you aware? Devil is a generic name. Satan means the accuser, the Bible tells us in the book of Revelation. The one we call Satan, his original name as given by God is Lucifer and the meaning of Lucifer is the light bearer, son of the morning. That’s what makes Satan very intelligent. Satan was the light bearer, he was the custodian of the revelation of God before he rebel.


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